Reminder: smile at fear

When you go on a world tour that will last a whole year and you are about to do something completely new, being afraid is normal.

And although it is not my first long journey or my first adventure in which I try to become something I was not, a thousand questions assail me on the eve of departure:

“What the hell am I doing?” “Will I be able to become a reporter and share my emotions and those of all the people I meet?” “Will I be able to complete the project?”

All these fears are amplified to the nth degree at the moment of the last strong hugs, those in which you try to record the smell, the look, the voice of the people who will miss you more to bring that memory with you.

But then you are left alone, with your dream suddenly questioned.

After a year of preparation, certainties, determination, you arrive at the airport to take the first flight and everything becomes uncertain.

You no longer know if it is worth sacrificing all of this for something you have absolutely no certainty about.

I detach myself from the snake of people who follow the directions for Gate B22, towards Tel Aviv and I stop for a moment to breathe deeply as if I wanted to breathe even my broken brain.

I know what is happening because I have already experienced it: it is the pure and raw fear of novelty and uncertainty that tests your determination to see if you really deserve it.

But when the fear tries to scare you and make you back away, it’s time to smile back and thank her for reminding you how eagerly you want to achieve your goal.

I take the last breath which becomes an immediate recharge of energy and positivity, I get back in the snake of people towards the B22 gate for Tel Aviv ready to write my future.