A psychologist in a backpack

I feel that this project will be bigger than me : I, a very common boy without any particular talent, I want to study happiness in the world by distorting my life and turning me into an assault reporter.

I aspire to much, I know, but I have the conviction that during the trip I will grow too and I will be able to manage and digest all the precious information that I will get through my meetings around the world.

During my trip around the world, however, I will be lucky enough to have on my shoulder my very personal “talking cricket” that will help me understand and digest the emotions and sensations that I will experience during the trip.

My sponsor PSYA , who was the first to believe in the project, has decided to provide me with a psychologist with whom I can talk to whenever I feel the need.

I will try to record these conversations between us to also share what does not transpire from the interviews that I will do during the next year.

I am convinced that his support will be very useful to allow me to evolve hand in hand with my great adventure.

Many thanks to the whole PSYA team: Andrea, Marta, Gabriele, Anna, Marina and Diego