Traveling around the world with couchsurfing

Have you ever heard about Couchsurfing?  Do you know what Couchsurfing means?

Couchsurfing: is an online community where you can ask or offer others a room or sofa in your home for a short stay to help travelers, have a cultural exchange or simply for generosity.

This fantastic platform is helping me to travel in this long adventure of mine and it also helps me to get in touch with very stimulating people who teach me so much every time.

In Shanghai I was extremely lucky to find Josue Alcantara, a senior member of Couchsurfing who hosted more than 200 travelers in his apartments, on my way and I took the opportunity to share his long experience with all of you.

We talked about the great experiences you could have as a couchsurfer, but we also discussed the risk you could take if you meet the wrong person.

What’s the best part about Couchsurfing?

What about sex during couchsurfing?

What was your best experience?

What was the worst experience?