I drop everything and take my life in hand

For months now I have had the Happiness Project in mind : I model it in my thoughts and shape it in my patterns.

A day does not pass when you don’t think about how to improve it, how to make it feasible and give more meaning to an adventure that will change my life.

Before (during) and after my shift at work I look for the best profiles to go and interview around the world or, what questions to ask them to learn their ingredient to create my recipe of happiness and which countries to visit.

I decided to leave on September 15, 2019, the day of my 29th birthday to go home after having traveled around the world, exactly the day I will turn 30 years .

To be ready for the set departure date, however, my free time is no longer enough.

I need to dedicate myself completely to the project and its organization.

I feel it is the right time to do an “all in” on myself , on what makes me happy and on my future.

I quit from a job accepted exclusively for the promise of a fixed salary and I choose to live my life with courage.

Clearly, when you make such a choice you have to expect comments like: “but when will you grow up?” “When will you put your head right?” “When will you start creating a normal life?”.

But what’s normal ???

I who choose to try to live the life I have always dreamed of , I am labeled as an immature delusional one, who instead decides to sell off his dreams to do unsatisfactory work and live a life of regrets only in exchange for a salary, it is described as “normal !? »

There is no right or wrong choice between the two, but I believe that at least we should choose which one to live and not float in the river of life by being dragged by events.