Lentil as Anything: pay as you feel restaurant. The revolution of a madman with a brilliant idea!

While I was in China I spent a day with a food Blogger in Shangai.

In this episode I will take you behind the scenes of a very special restaurant in Australia!

Everyone thought he was completely mad but in the end he was right.

This is the story of Shanaka Fernando, a true dreamer who 30 years ago, from Sri Lanka, arrived in Australia to upset the rules of catering.

In its “Lentils as Anything” restaurants, anyone is welcome and everyone can choose how much to pay according to their economic possibilities.

Its mission is to give a place at the table and a hot dish all over the world.

Sounds impossible, but for now, in Australia he has opened quattro “pay as you feel” restaurants and he is ready to make us Italians think again, probably in Turin.

I hope that with this story you can spend a few minutes of leisure in a historical period in which we are all stuck in the house.

Thank you so much to Jacqueline for her fantastic b-rolls