What do astronauts eat?

Do they train in space?

How do you live inside the International Space Station?

Also in this episode, I filled my poor friend Ken with questions and he took me to visit NASA’s “Space Vehicle Mockup Facility”.

Here are kept all the replicas of the modules of the International Space Station, or also called: ISS. A huge laboratory in which the astronauts of the major nations of the world collaborate for the progress of man in space and on earth.

Astronauts and cosmonauts (in the video you will understand the difference) train inside these reconstructions to be ready for anything during missions in space.

Thanks to “Uncle Ken” I also learned how NASA is planning to return to the Moon and Mars and how robot-astronauts work: “robonauts”.

At the end of the day though … he came, the StarMan: Luca Parmitano!