Being an “idol” in Japan: a day with Yuriko Tiger

Do you know what an “IDOL” is? And a “COSPLAYER”?

Before meeting Eleonora Guglielmi, aka “Yuriko Tiger, I knew very little, but it was enough to spend a few days in Tokyo to discover her world!

Yuriko is the most famous international cosplayer in Japan and has agreed to take me for a ride in the Akihabara district, a paradise for anime, manga and video game lovers.

She told me that here in Japan, she has fulfilled her dream: to become an “Idol” and work professionally as Cosplayers.

At the end of the day I followed her to one of her fan meetings and it was there that I got to know Eleonora better and not Yuriko.

Each of us wears a mask in everyday life, there are those who do it voluntarily like Yuriko and those who don’t even notice it, but as Eleonora says: “the important thing is to be happy even without a disguise”.