Traveling in North Korea: what’s happened

“HOLIDAYS IN NORTH KOREA” could be a great title for an Italian Christmas movie, but since it will never happen, I will use it for the new episode on my trip to North Korea!

For a tourist on vacation in North Korea, it is unusual not to have visited anything after 3 days in the most secret country in the world, but unfortunately, due to the accident that I explained to you in the second episode, I did not have the opportunity to explore .

Finally, in this episode I will show you everything I managed to visit and I will explain some concepts that I learned thanks to my “guirdie”.

I will tell you about the “KIM DYNASTY” and also about the only religion for North Koreans: “THE IDEA OF JUCHE“.

If you’ve never heard of any of these topics, don’t worry, not even me until my adventure in North Korea; for this I explain in a few words all that I learned while visiting the capital Pyongyang