Aitzaz Hassan: An Incredible Story Of Courage

The story that I will tell you today will be very special. We will not speak of happiness but of generosity and extreme courage.

While I was in the Hunza valley in search of the elusive “Elixir of the long life” I met Kumail, a young Pakistani student.

After explaining my project to him, he tells me about an incredible history of his country and amazed by the fact that I didn’t know anything about it, he immediately shows me a video.

You must know that during the 2000s, Pakistan suffered the highest number of terrorist attacks in modern history. In 2014 alone, terrorists attacked several schools killing more than 500 students

On January 6, 2014, 15-year-old Aitzaz Hasan died to prevent a terrorist from entering his 2,000-student school in the village of Hangu.

When I heard Aitzaz’s story, I was immediately shocked. I immediately packed my bags and left for Hangu to meet the family of this true hero.

I have just arrived in the city and the situation seems more tense than I imagined but I take courage by convincing myself that everything will be fine. To welcome me I find Aitzaz’s father and brother.

The adrenaline is sky high. I have never done an interview like this, a thousand doubts assail me but I decide to follow my instincts and immediately start with the questions.